Physical Therapy

At Balance Point Physical Therapy, we believe that perhaps the most important part of rehabilitative treatment is the acquisition of knowledge that can allow our patients to go on to maintain a lifetime of optimal health and physical function. We would like to be long-term partners with our clients and would be honored to have our patients consider us permanent members of a health care and wellness team. 

Movement Orthopedic rehabilitation is inherently a movement oriented science. The care you receive from Balance Point is built around movement – from gentle, simple actions that help you recover normal posture and functions to complex, challenging tasks that rebuild strength and restore full dynamic activity. We get you moving again.

Customization Balance Point relies on proven methodologies to create rehabilitation programs, but that doesnʼt mean theyʼre designed with a cookie cutter. Every Balance Point client receives a program customized just for you and your specific clinical situation. This combination of science and personalization sets Balance Point care apart.

Comprehensiveness Our integrated manual approach to therapy is built on understanding the relationships between the neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular and vestibular systems. The best way to help patients get better is to make sure treatment focuses on the entire person.

Modalities When appropriate, Balance Point augments your program with treatments like traction, ultrasound, therapeutic taping techniques, iontophoresis, heat/cold, or electrical stimulation – if any of these are indicated for pain relief or tissue healing, Balance Point will provide them at the highest level.